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Upcoming Retreats 2024

  • New Year Retreat 10th-11th February

  • Easter Spring Retreat 23rd-24th March







  • Discover and learn about the power, energy, clarity and stillness of our breathing  through certain pranayamic sequencing.

  •  1st workshop is in the morning and will be emphasising uplifting, clearing energetics and 

  • 2nd workshop in the afternoon will be embodying descending energetics  to ground and restore



  • Hone and develop your postural asana practice! To fully immerse yourself deep into your body, mind and spirit. 

  • 1st workshop in the mornings will be about developing our flexibility, strength and balance via more Yang stimulating sequencing. 

  • 2nd workshop in the afternoons will be more aligned with yin and restorative sessions, drawing us closer and to be more intimate with ourselves via deep grounding and relaxing, Immersive practice.



  •  Practically understand  simple skills and techniques to help one learn the art of meditation. 

  • Workshop will be orientated towards trying out different methods towards letting go of the constant thoughts in our head.

  • Not to try and stop thinking but instead learning to witness and feel our sensations ever more deeply within our selves, taking us to the very core ( innermost) of our Being / Soul.



  • As part of our meditation practice we will spend time understanding and practicing  in the evenings chanting sacred syllables, mantras that invoke  certain Divine vibrations. 

  • Learn the joy and heart opening practice of devotional yoga, 

  •  By pranayama and asana practice one learns to open one’s chest /heart and throat chakra. 

  • Singing has powerful effects on our BodyMind & Soul. 

  • Mantra, MAN means Mind in Sanskrit and TRA means to transcend. 

  • Cultivate faith, connection and indescribable peace and joy through these ancient sound Technologies that quite literally change your vibrations.

VEDANTA and Yoga Philosophy. 


  •  Understand the Great mysteries of life with straight forward easy to grasp talks on.


  • Patanjali Yoga Sutras , 8 limbs. 


  • Non dual Advaita Jnana Yoga. 


  • Who Am I?


Thank you,


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