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Therapeutic Effects of Yoga & new guidelines

Having reviewed our government guidelines, my own governing body Yoga Alliance Professionals advise, we are not just considered ‘mat exercise, fitness classes’, what I offer at Yoga Tree of Life is much more holistic and therapeutic in our well aerated studio. After so many years teaching,  I’ve helped many with mental illness, from Parkinson’s to Alzheimer’s and people suffering from depression and anxiety. Many students of mine have, or have had bad backs, pelvis issues, shoulder injuries, sciatica , digestive problems, sleep disorders, the list is long! I cannot simply define what we do as mere ‘mat exercise classes’. 


I totally understand if some of my students still prefer either the safety or convenience of yoga at home with the live stream on zoom, or to have recorded classes. For those, however, who wish to come in the physical for yoga therapeutics sessions, then please can you private message me to book your place. 


In line with Government regulations,  we will be continuing with the 2 meter rule approx for safe spacing, which means class sizes are going to be small. Around 8/9 . It’s totally essential to book beforehand and not just turn up. 


Here is what you will need to bear in mind if you return in the physical: 


•You will need to park on Langton Road, but kindly no parking around the Hare pub please. Please arrive no earlier than 10 mins before we start.


•You will need to bring your own yoga equipment if you have it. I do have some but I might ask a small fee (£2) for hiring. I have plenty of sanitised chairs to offer (no charge).


•Social distancing rules will apply in the studio and kitchen area as well as corridor to toilet.

New from Spring: showers are available, but we will not supply towels: please bring your own. 


We will continue with the safety measures we have in place:

• Pre Temperature checks before class if you feel unwell, please don’t attend and if you’re unsure, please take your own temperature before you come. 


•Wash hands in warm, soapy water or hand sanitisation for all entering our home /studio. 


•Masks can be used by anyone inside the studio/kitchen area (except when you are on your mat, as you will need to breath properly)


•Mats will be placed in accordance with social distancing regulations.


•All work surfaces and studio, mats and props will be sanitised before and after every class.

As I write this, I have a sense of excitement for spring and for Yoga Tree of Life to continue to blossom (after all these lockdowns) and  actually to open again and be able to safely welcome  you all back to our lovely, yoga, barn, home studio. 

It will be lovely to see some of you lovely human beings and the Yoga Tree of Life community coming back together! Viva! 

“As nature emerges from Winter hibernation and Spring arrives, with seeds sprouting and more warmth and light, our bodies are also waking up. The feeling is more uplifting and expansive.”

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