Offers one of the most comprehensive, first rate portfolios of teacher training courses available.


Whether you are just starting out on your journey to become a teacher, seeking to enhance your teaching skills or simply wish to develop your personal practice, our teacher training programs and intensives will provide you with the tools to enrich your practice and teach authentically, grounded both in self-awareness and experiential knowledge.

Our 200 hour program covers asana, pranayama, meditation, philosophy, anatomy and includes a weekly mentoring and supervision program to provide feedback, advice and support when you begin teaching. The course is accredited by Yoga Alliance Professionals (UK) and Yoga Alliance US

The course has evolved over 7 years and we believe that we offer one of the most thorough and fully accredited training available in the UK today. Our students graduate from the training with the confidence and ability not only to teach safely, skillfully and authentically but also with an invaluable teacher/ student relationship which doesn't end when the course ends. Continuity is the secret of success. 

Setting the highest standards in yoga teaching, our teacher training will enable and empower teachers to hone their skills in order to effectively teach students of all levels and experience.  Delving deeper into the rich and diverse body of knowledge known as yoga and honoring its tradition, alongside fresh and innovative approaches, participants will be supported to develop their own authentic style and voice to become confident, inspiring and embodied teachers.



**Due to Covid restrictions I am hosting our Yoga Teachers Training programme differently this year**


Instead of one weekend per month it will be every week. Which to be honest allows for a much more efficient way of learning as we touch base much more regularly. This fosters easier and clearer transmission, more one to one weekly connections and allows faster learning and practice! 


I will be sharing all things Yoga with you to allow you to go deep into this life changing practice and to learn to share this ancient technology of Self awakening.



We will start on  1st October 2021

The classes will run on Friday mornings  

from 11am to 2:30pm over 6 months.

In person or via zoom.



Teacher Training Curriculum

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