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Yoga Tree of Life is a place for learning, connecting and evolving together towards living a life of radiant health and inner peace.



We honour the ancient healing practice of Yoga in a modern approachable way. Our method is energising and de-stressing, working in detail with precise alignment which is great for beginners making sure all of our students are practicing safely and with integrity. 


We also teach classes for more experienced Yogis, who are seeking to go deeper into exploring advanced poses and developing refinement and quality with alignment.


Expect lots of variation and different ways of working in our classes. You will get a chance to nurture yourself and at the same time energise yourself in dynamic sequences. Come along and drop into any of our classes, and see for yourself what Yoga Tree of Life is all about. 

Best wishes for radiant health and inner peace!


Namaste, Nicholas


Beginners Classes

Our 1 hour 30 minute classes are the perfect entry point into yoga.

You will learn the preliminaries of yoga asana,

working towards quality alignment, and with attention to detail.

Even those with an experienced practice will benefit greatly by attending our beginners classes, in order to work deeply on a refined foundation.

General Classes


These 1.5 hour classes are for those with some yoga experience. Every class is different and tailored to the needs of the group on the day, or working with a particular theme.

In each class we explore various aspects, sequences & styles of yoga including asana (postures) pranayama (breathing) & yogic relaxation.

We sometimes work in a very dynamic, intense way, while in other sessions we explore the more meditative recuperative side of yoga practice. 

Saturday Workshops

This is a two hour workshop tailored for those with some experience.


It is often dynamic, and the extended class time allows us to work even more deeply within refinement, paying close attention to detail, so that the student may take their practice to the next level. 

These workshops occur once per month. For more information on the theme of the upcoming workshop, or when the monthly workshops will happen, please get in touch. 


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Nicholas Barrett

Founder of Yoga Tree of Life

Nicholas has been practicing and teaching yoga for nearly 23 years. 

He has a dynamic teaching style with a strong focus on precise alignment and adjustments, holding the postures a long time to allow students to go in deeply via the body and the breath.

He instils in his students the qualities of courage, confidence and being fully present!

Nicholas has traveled extensively to India and Thailand and has practiced yoga with advanced pupils of Iyengar, the Chanchani yogis.

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