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We offer private yoga tuition at the Studio in Tunbridge Wells and from our home studio in Penshurst 


Why would I come for Private tuition?

* Remedial yoga: help overcoming injury or medical condition

* Sequence design for home practice

* Deepening practice with the help of one to one attention, adjustments, guidance and  advice


How often should I have private tuition in order to notice the benefits?

We have clients who see once (some even twice!) per week, but others who come once a month for a "fine tuning" of their practice. We also have students who come along to have a sequence designed for them so that they can practice at home.


What are the costs of private tuition?

 £65 / hour and half session



Kim Dale

Yoga Teacher at Yoga Tree of Life

Kim's love for and insight into yoga has developed and deepened throughout her six years of practice. Kim qualified as a yoga teacher with 'Tree of Life' Yoga School, which she specifically chose due to 'ToLY's' holistic approach, encompassing the spiritual. Her classes are ideal for beginners, which cover core standing poses, recuperative and restorative postures and yogic breathing. Kim nurtures a depth and richness within her teaching.

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